treadmill to choose for a gym

Which treadmill to choose for a gym?

According to the latest gym usage statistics, the treadmill is currently the most popular cardiovascular machine on the market. The reason is that it is easy to use, versatile and more effective than any other fitness machine. It is a device that has many health benefits, it also helps to boost good mood and relieve stress. There are several models and if you want to see your room filled with amateurs as well as sports professionals, consider the following factors.

The modernity of the device

The latest technological advancements in treadmill manufacturing are mind blowing like  Nordictrack Commercial 1750 . Recent models of commercial treadmills are now equipped with heart rate sensors. They’re built into the grips that transmit your settings to the device’s dashboard. In addition, there are curved treadmills without motors , which do not need electricity to operate. Rather, they use the energy produced by the movement of the runner, the desired speed changes and adapts without adjustment.

An additional feature of current treadmills is the cooling fan. It makes the fitness session more comfortable by giving the illusion of the wind that you feel when jogging outdoors. It is the favorite of marathon runners and between classic treadmills and curved treadmills , the choice is no longer made.

The technical characteristics to take into account

The size of the running surface should ideally be 54 inches and the frame of the treadmill should remain stable during exercise for a smooth run If you are leaning towards the motorized treadmill , make sure you know its power and its specificities. Because, the resistance of the device depends fundamentally on the power of the motor; as well as its size and diet. The lower the engine speed, the greater its ability to rotate the belt and the better its resistance. This also implies that the cushioning of the treadmill you choose must have a sufficiently solid bridge. It must withstand the known vigorous use of a gym.

Generally, commercial models will have a weight capacity of at least 180 kg, some up to 220 kg. In a case of  treadmill rental  you can get all the advice on having a treadmill rather than buying one. In addition, the speed capacity of the treadmill motor must be taken into account. Especially when choosing your device during a purchase or rental. Make the most modern choice possible. Another feature that has become essential is that of the elevation race. Elevation is used to create resistance and provides an alternative method of increasing the intensity of speed exercise.

Other Useful Considerations

With  Nordictrack Commercial 2950 Premium Luxury Device, there’s nothing more important than taking care of your body. It is therefore important to determine the right size of treadmill  which  depends on the space of your gym. Check if the dashboard is within easy reach and easy to use during exercise. Other than that, make sure that the speed, incline or even the setup of the MP3 player is functional. Treadmills are heavy and therefore cumbersome to move. Also, one can judge the quality of a treadmillunder the manufacturer’s warranty. It is recommended that you look for a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor or a minimum of around 10 years. Also find out about the cost of delivery and the availability of spare parts.


Once you’ve considered all of the above specifications, you need to figure out how much you’re willing to pay for a treadmill, bearing in mind that prices for treadmills vary widely, due to the different features they offer. .

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