Surprising potential reason why CM Punk and The Elite brawled during AEW All Out media scrum – Reports

The massive “Brawl Out” following AEW star CM Punk‘s controversial media scrum in September apparently caused another injury, as a new report states that his dog was the first one to get hurt.

The Second City Saint’s words at the media scrum allegedly incited a backstage brawl, as conflicting reports state that the Elite kicked in the door to Punk’s locker room. Following the altercation that involved Ace Steel as well, multiple stars were suspended as an independent investigation was initiated.

A recent report from Wrestling Inc. has stated that the door being kicked in apparently hit Punk’s dog, Larry. Sources indicate that prior to this, Punk did not view the media scrum as a major incident. However, the door being kicked in and hurting Larry accidentally escalated the situation, resulting in the brawl.

A later veterinarian check-up allegedly showed that two of Larry’s teeth had been knocked loose due to the incident. Furthermore, the report stated that Punk had apparently felt threatened enough to act in self defense, as dictated by Illinois’ Castle Doctrine laws which allow for the use of force in defense of a person in their home.

As of now, the former AEW World Champion is absent from the All Elite scene. Amidst rumors of AEW buying out his contract, it remains to be seen what is next for him in the future.

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