My theory — how Logan Paul can beat Roman Reigns and neither wind up with the Undisputed WWE Championship!

Logan Paul — Undisputed WWE Champion. You see that in front of you. What do you think? What’s your instant reaction?

As you know by now, Logan Paul will challenge current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on November 5th.

Roman Reigns is an amazing champion. Logan Paul is an internet sensation. He’s been involved in boxing, martial arts as well. But does this qualify him to challenge for Roman’s honors? As “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would probably reply, “Hell no!”

Jerry “The King” Lawler seems to agree.

“There is no way Logan Paul will win — no way,” Lawler told me. “Logan Paul winning is just as likely as Andy Kaufman coming back to from his alleged death. I’ll tell you what. Everyone knows I am an avid Coca-Cola collector and it’s my favorite beverage (the King added at this point that he has never tasted an alcoholic beverage). If Logan Paul beats Roman Reigns — and I am so sure he won’t — I will switch from Coke to Pepsi! You heard it right. That’s an ultimate sacrifice for me. That’s how serious I am about the result of this match.”

You never know what will happen in the world of professional wrestling. However, no one seems to be on the Logan Paul bandwagon.

“At Crown Jewel, I’ll show you what GOD MODE looks like!”Will the reign of Roman continue or will @LoganPaul do the unthinkable? 🤔#WWERAW #WWE

Many people I talked to thought it would be a good match but can’t fathom Logan as being the winner. I ran this past WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. His words came out without hesitation.

“Willie, all I can say is OMG! I’m not going to knock Logan Paul but he’s not winning this Crown Jewel match. He’s not going to beat Roman Reigns. He’ll put up a decent showing but he’s not going to win. Maybe he can become a champion down the line if he keeps wrestling — but that line is not right now. Roman Reigns retains–period at the end!”

Jerry Williams was a columnist for a UK wrestling publication I used to work for many, many years ago. I asked him if Logan wins, what happens next?

“I’ll paraphrase Triple H and say it’s best for business,” he said. “Can you imagine the enormus publicity this would generate for WWE all around the world? It will bring them the zillions of social media followers of Logan Paul. I see nothing wrong with it in the short term but Roman has to get that title back pretty quickly. That’s for sure.”

I have my own theory regarding this match. It’s kind of “way out there” but creative and controversial. It’s a way for Logan Paul to win but not get the title. What if …

The Usos‘ interference on behalf of Reigns backfires somehow. It winds up with Roman getting pinned.

At this point, Reigns is furious that the well-planned interference has horribly backfired. As he is arguing with the referee and perhaps The Usos, Logan Paul is blindsided and KO’d with the Money In The Bank briefcase and quickly pinned. Yes — Austin Theory is the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion!

Neither the champion who came in to defend the title — Roman Reigns — or the unlikely challenger — Logan Paul have the gold!

Austin Theory is the new WWE Undisputed Champion!

What a “Theory” huh?

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