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Are you new to golf or trying to progress in golf? There’s nothing like a golf drill to improve. There are several types of golf drill that can be put into two categories. The first corresponds to exercises to improve these golf gestures and movements , for example: the swing, the putt or the drive .

The second category of golf exercise is weight training exercises for golf. Here is a list of exercises you can do at the golf driving range and other golf exercises at home.

Golf drill: gestures and movements of golf

The grip

Before you jump into lots of exercises, I recommend that you review your basics. The basics of golf start with: Having a good grip. The beginner’s grip matches the grip of your golf club. The exercise is therefore very simple: You must position your hands on the club several times. I advise you to change club because it will force you to start all over again. I’m not a golf pro, I could give you the basics of a good grip but I prefer to give you the link to this youtube video by Renaud Poupard. Recently I completely reviewed the basics of my swing and it starts with the grip.

The golf swing: rotation

Another exercise is to repeat your rotational movement with a club in order to have a good swing. I have started golf for some time now. And I understood something that I hadn’t understood right away. In golf there is no point trying to put strength in your hands and arms. It’s the movement of your body and the weight of your club that does the job, no need to apply force. And I admit that sometimes I got discouraged when I wanted to send the ball further at the driving range. The more force I put in, the more I missed.

the golf swing: the finish

I’m not proud of my finish and I’m trying to improve it. When we start golf, our first objective is to send the ball. Indeed, during your first initiation if you send the ball in the air it will already be very good. Nevertheless it is important to have a good finish. This will force you to have the rest of the movement already correct to have a good finish.

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the golf swing: alignment

Once you have an already correct swing, you will have to work on the direction. Indeed if you are new to golf and you are not a golf pro, you will often send the ball to the left, we speak of slice. Or you will send the ball to the right, this is called draw. Don’t worry, everything fixes itself. I recommend that you take lessons with a one-on-one physics golf pro. The pro at your club will fix your flaws quite easily because he has an outside eye that sees the flaws.

To return to the exercise here is what I do at the driving range. I set myself a goal for my shot, for example a flag, a practice distance sign. And then I place alignment rods. I recommend you buy some it helps for this alignment exercise. It’s not the most expensive golf equipment in golf, but it will allow you to progress on the alignment. To help you I put a link at the bottom of this paragraph. You will thus be able to work on your alignment with the help of the chopsticks as in the video below. Indeed, if your rotational movement of the club is not tangent to the desired direction, your club will hit the rods.


at the putting green of your golf club

Putting is an exercise that is sometimes neglected when starting out in golf. Well I recommend you not to neglect it when you know that on average a beginner is more around 3 putts per hole. This quickly increases your number of strokes on the course. So don’t waste great starts with too many putts.

Therefore, I recommend that you take some balls and practice on the putting green of your favorite golf course. As in the video, I recommend that you use 2 tees to place on each side of the ball to check that your putt is swinging straight enough.

at home with a golf mat

Putting is the movement that is easy to practice at home. Personally, I bought a mat from Amazon and a golf hole from Decathlon. The combination of the two is great for putting practice at home

strength exercises for golf

The second category of golf exercise is strength training exercises for golf. At first you can read it in one of my first articles, I thought that golf did not require any weight training. Well I was wrong. I advise you to do strength exercises to improve your golf. Be careful, the exercises must be well targeted, no need to become Arnold Schwarzaneger.

The dynamic plank

This exercise will allow you to strengthen your back which is heavily used in golf. I also recommend that you warm up before you even hit a ball at the driving range. A few minutes a day is enough. I understood it a bit late but that’s it I got started.


Rotations of the hips for the swing

To achieve a golf swing, your body must work like a spring. You start your swing slowly until you get enough twist and then let it all out like a spring coming back into shape. You can therefore perform the following exercise to work on the rotation of your hips.


Throwing the ball or passing the bucket

Finally, I recommend the exercise I call the bucket pass. This exercise is very useful for approaches. For beginners, these are shots to be made around the green when you are 60 meters from the green, for example. This will allow you to understand the movement you need to make. This mainly concerns the rolled approach that I recommend to beginners. It was a golf pro who once told me to prefer the rolled approach to the lifted approach. I would not make very spectacular shots but my score improved significantly. Since then I have followed this advice and it has allowed me to make great progress on my approaches, which are also called the little game.

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