Britt Baker opens up on being a top star in AEW

Britt Baker is part of one of the most prominent storylines in AEW as Full Gear approaches. She recently spoke out about her position as one of the company’s top stars.

The former AEW Women’s World Champion has recently been involved in an intense storyline with Saraya, who recently came out of retirement after five years. The former WWE Superstar made the move to AEW two months ago, and is set to make her in-ring comeback this weekend.

Baker recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about her status as a top star in AEW and what it means to her. She started out by commenting on her journey in the company:

“It’s incredibly frustrating when people think I was handed this. I worked my ass off for this. Nothing was handed to me. I was the first female signed in AEW, and I’ve been under a microscope ever since. I’ve been open to the criticism that came from that, and I’ve become a better wrestler and a better promo to get where I am today—and I’m still working to be better,” said Baker.

Baker continued:

“The hardest part of professional wrestling is finding yourself in the ring and believing every word you say. That’s harder than any move. When you come through the curtain, you need to ooze confidence and personality. That’s what fans get behind. It’s so much character work.”

In AEW, Britt Baker held the Women’s Championship for 290 days before losing the belt to Thunder Rosa in a steel cage match at St. Patrick’s Day Slam.

Britt Baker also spoke out about being the first woman signed to AEW

Over the past few years, the women’s division in AEW has gone from strength to strength. Britt Baker has been a key player in many huge moments for the division, and talked about the hard work it took to get to her current position:

“I take a lot of pride in being the first female signed in AEW, and I am working day-in and day-out to be the best representation of AEW I can be. I really stuck with it, and practiced really hard with Chris Jericho, Cody [Rhodes], Kenny [Omega] and Tony [Khan],” said Baker.

Who will come out on top between Britt Baker and Saraya this weekend at AEW Full Gear? Shout out your thoughts in the comments section below.

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