Boruto chapter 75 breaks the internet with Mitsuki’s Sage mode

Boruto chapter 75 has some exciting news for all fans who adore Mitsuki. Spoilers have revealed an angry Mitsuki in Sage mode, and fans can’t get enough of it. This is most likely his first opportunity to shine in the manga as a stand-alone character.

Boruto is going through an exciting phase, and fans are delighted with Ikemoto’s portrayal of Mitsuki’s character in Sage mode.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Fans absolutely love that Mitsuki will appear in Sage mode in Boruto chapter 75

Fans have resoundingly praised Mitsuki’s Sage mode in Boruto chapter 75. They are delighted to see one of their favorite characters given the opportunity to steal the spotlight.

Mitsuki has been conscious of his abilities and has been reluctant to show them off unless necessary, i.e., to protect his friends. So, moments like this are rare and must be treasured.

Fans believe the fight will take place between Mitsuki and Kawaki. However, it is still unclear what Kawaki did that triggered Mitsuki.

Kawaki might hurt Boruto here that’s why Mitsuki force to use his sage mode or Code attacking them and Kawaki rescue him!!

According to one fan, Mitsuki must have foreseen Kawaki killing Boruto, which is why he chose to enter Sage Mode.

“That Boruto could’ve died without me being there to help still gives me chills. And supposing someone really were to try to kill Boruto I really don’t know what i would to that person.” – Mitsuki must seen Kawaki kill Boruto because Mitsuki wouldn’t go sage mode for no reason

Another fan pointed out that the characters do not appear to be aged, implying that the fight is happening in the near future.

Ikemoto’s art style has also received praise.

Fan art is one of the most effective ways for fandoms to show their appreciation for creators. Needless to say, fans have also shared artwork depicting Mitsuki in Sage mode.

In the spirit of my boy finally getting some of the recognition he deserves, here’s one of the pieces I’d made for him a while ago. Yep, one of, got like a dozen more cuz Mitsuki’s the best thing to come out of the new gen. I know I’m biased, but I said what I said🖤

What do the spoilers from Boruto chapter 75 suggest?

Mitsuki in Sage mode (image via Pierrot)
Mitsuki in Sage mode (image via Pierrot)

Boruto chapter 75 spoilers reveal that the titular main protagonist sees a vision of the future in which Konoha village appears to be in complete disarray. The vision shows Mitsuki in Sage mode, among other things. Kawaki can also be seen in Karma Mode, with blood on his face.

Mitsuki has appeared in Sage Mode before

Mitsuki in Sage mode (image via Pierrot)
Mitsuki in Sage mode (image via Pierrot)

Being Orochimaru’s genetically perfected clone, Mitsuki’s chakra levels are quite high; hence he can easily use Sage mode. Even Naruto could not have done that at such an age. Mitsuki had to learn Sage mode at a young age to escape Orochimaru’s influence.

He used Sage mode to help Boruto when Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki attacked, but he could not fight because his power got stolen, and he passed out.

Although Mitsuki could have used Sage mode during the Chunin exams, he chose not to because Orochimaru had warned him not to show off this power to the people of Konoha as they would not take it well, and he would be ostracized.

In the Graduation Exams Arc, Mitsuki used his Sage mode to defeat Shino.

Boruto chapter 75 probably does not feature a fight between Mitsuki and Kawaki, but it does give fans hope that good things are in store for this fan-favorite side character.

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